Guiding You on Your Independent Business Journey

Why mySolutions

Standing alone doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

mySolutions offers Financial Service Professionals a network of like-minded entrepreneurial advisers, who are still wanting to grow their business and want to decide for themselves what their practice looks like.

Our members have the freedom to grow their business, act independently, retain their clients and build their brand.

We can guide you by sharing practical, proven ideas and methods that generate real growth.

We represent the interests of our advisers professionally and positively.

“mySolutions has a fresh take on advisory services.

Guidance by advisers who support you on your independent business journey.”


Richard Sewak

Success always leaves clues and as long as you know where you are going you will know what to look for.  For our business, it has been the right choice to partner with mySolutions on our journey as they are a team of highly dedicated practising professionals who value integrity, growth and development. The support and training we have received to date have been influential in the growth that we have experienced and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the leading minds in our industry.”

Wikus Erasmus

Running in a pack means wolves can run for days. The mySolutions family is like that. I feel at home, valued, challenged and inspired (yes I said inspired) after any of our meetings no matter what topic it was.”

Sarah Hunger

“Being part of the mySolutions team is inspiring, motivating and added so much value to the way our business operates.  We get a lot out of the webinars, leadership events and roadshows.  The mySol team is like our extended family always there to assist, support and encourage us.  They are leaders in the insurance industry with so much experience and knowledge throughout the group and we are so happy to be part of the team!”

Esther Bate

“I love mySol, the people are professional and very respectful. They have wonderful system, governance and awesome crew/staff that promotes your best interest.“

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