The Insurance Desk

This is for our non-risk advisers who recognise that their clients have risk needs. You specialise in doing what you do well and then refer your clients to a fellow specialist.

The service is designed to assist our network of Professionals who have:

  • Occasional business insurance needs.
    • Key Person
    • Sharepurchase
    • Equity Extraction
    • Debt Protection
    • Succession Planning
    • Managing Professional relationships
  • Occasional personal insurance needs.
    • Life and Traumas, DI and Medical
  • Limited access to Insurance products.

'The Insurance Desk' can assist your client nation wide and/or introduce you to a local adviser who can meet with your client face-to-face.

You paint the picture of what's required and 'The Insurance Desk' will assist you throughout the process.

'The Insurance Desk' is your solution

So call 0800 mySolutions (697 658)


To request a membership pack or to find out more information, contact us today!


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