Who We Are

The people at mySolutions are well-known and established leaders, trainers and mentors in the New Zealand life insurance industry. We combine the best ideas from industry experts with leading-edge technology to deliver services through a multitude of channels, augmented by the finest business coaches and mentors. We come from diverse professional backgrounds but have two things in common - we are all active advisers with our own practices, and we all care passionately about supporting advisers to grow their businesses and deliver the highest quality advice and service to their clients.
Helmed by long-time advisers and industry advocates Kevin and Nicola Smee, mySolutions has a fresh take on New Zealand advisory services - leadership by advisers for the betterment of all advisers. We grew tired of being part of groups where values, expertise, customer experience and results were not centre-stage, so we created our own healthy, professional and collaborative adviser network. Our collective life experience adds that extra touch you don't see often elsewhere.
Early adopters are seeing the potential and benefits for mySolutions to become the sales engine for other professionals.


The Team

Kevin founded Solutions in June 1999 to deliver optimal life insurance solutions to New Zealanders. As the leader of MySolutions, he applies the same ‘family business’ model and works alongside other senior advisers (including his wife!) to help other companies and their owners and employees thrive. The mission is simple: to spread success like a happy virus through New Zealand’s hundreds of advisory and brokerage businesses. Kevin knows what SME-owning advisers need because he’s been one himself for 30 years and continues to practice.

Glen Hatcher
Director of Operations and Finance

Glen’s lifelong motivation has been a desire to help people. That led him first into the New Zealand Navy, from which he retired with a string of medals and commendations, and then into the life insurance industry, which he joined in 2006 to help deliver a holistic, personalised risk management service to customers. Managing a 100-strong Navy staff at sea and in operational theatres isn’t all that different from corralling advisers, and Glen’s safe hands and nose for leadership make the operational side of mySolutions run with the enviable smoothness of a military procedure.


Keith Kerr
Director of Advice and Development

Back in 1989 Keith was looking for a new direction when someone introduced him to the life insurance industry (he can explain). He had already served in the New Zealand Air Force and earned an engineering degree, and the sharp right turn led him to become an insurance adviser with Government Life. A few years on, in 1996, he helped NZ Home Loans get off the ground. Keith joined Solutions in 2006, and as head of the mortgage division of MySolutions he leads the provision of legal, accounting, banking and insurance support services to mortgage brokers.

Nicola Smee
Director of Brand and Communications

Nicola was once a charge nurse, then a quality manager charged with hospital accreditation, and it shows. She is the heart of the mySolutions enterprise, which mimics a family structure and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives and businesses of advisers, so they may pass the benefits on to their clients. Any nurse will tell you that high standards are important –and the little things, make a big difference!

Deirdre Knepscheld
Office Manager
Karin Botha
Adviser Support
Kym Grant
Adviser Support
Vicky Gledhill-Harris
Content Creation Administrator
Mandy Morris
Technical Services Administrator
Sharon Strong

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